The winery

The winery is located in the “Casa Do Sol” Pazo (Galician country house), built on the XV th. Century, and situated within the Valle de la Ulloa subarea at the Rías Baixas D.O. (designation of origin); owned by Castedo Earls. It is one of the rare wineries of La Coruña province with this Designation of Origin. The House had an important role along history. The latest event to highlight is its relevant role on the 1946 Uprising during Elizabeth II´s reign of the so-called “Provincialists” that rose to the cry of “Long live the Free Queen”, “Long live the Constitution” and “Down with the Tax Regime”, due to the abuse of the Court on Galicia. The uprising was suppressed at the battle of the nearby parish Cacheiras, between the forces sent by dictator Narváez, directed by De La Concha Commander, and the rioters led by Commander Solís, who first rose in Lugo, having quartered on the days previous to the Battle at the “Casa Do Sol”. Solís and another eleven risers defeated on this battle were sentenced to death in a summary trial, and executed at the Villa de Carral (La Coruña). Being after awarded by the Courts in 1904, a memorial was built to acknowledge them with the Heroes treatment. Many are the Spanish and foreign celebrities from Politics, Arts, and Literature that have visited Casa Do Sol on recent dates.

During the 1970´s it underwent a significant inside refurbishing, to become the family residence of Castedo Earls, who maintained it richly furnished and with a high number of art treasures from their ancestor´s collections. All these were distributed amongst their numerous offspring after their death.

Though a wine that was very appreciated in the area had been produced historically, it is at the beginnings of 1980´s when the vines were replanted with the “Albariño” type and the first stage of the Winery began, with Rías Baixas D.O, ceasing it´s production by year 2004. On year 2013, inhabited by the current Earl, the proprietary wine production is restarted with ambitious quality and excellence goals.